Big Talk

Stop crying, Villa fans, Cuellar says you’ll win the FA Cup!

Cuellar – words of comfort

Carlos Cuellar

No doubt the big grey cloud that looms over Spaghetti Junction has been joined by another big grey cloud, as the people of Aston – who once, by the way, boasted the great Sherlock Holmes writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as [...]

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The Big Question

Was Phil Dowd too scared to send off Nemanja Vidic?

Phil Dowd – bit of a wimp?

Phil Dowd

That Sir Alex Ferguson loves a mind game. Absolutely loves one. And, by the looks of things, a seed planted almost a year ago might just have won his team the Carling Cup yesterday.

Speaking out after seeing both [...]

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The Big Question

Rio and Giggs out – who will win the Carling Cup?

Man blowtorches Carling Cup medallion

Carling Cup Medal

So here it comes, the first big cup final of the season. Or, more realistically, the chance for a team outside the Big Four to grab an early European spot to ensure a rather less irksome end to the [...]

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In Case You Missed It

Video highlights: The Carling Cup Final

Man Utd win strange little three-handled trophy

Manchester Utd 0/ Tottenham 0 (Manchester Utd win 4-1 on penalties)

Congratulations are due to the person who edited the video above, as we wouldn’t have been able to squeeze [...]

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