Carlo Ancelotti uses lies to explain why Man Utd beat Chelsea

Prior to his side’s defeat against Man Utd that all but guaranteed Man U would be champions, Carlo Ancelotti, in an attempt to justify the defeat he seemed to know was coming, said this:

“Everyone goes for Messi but I would take Rooney. Messi is out of this world and maybe he is reaching the [...]

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A poll!

What would you do if you were Carlo Ancelotti?

Maybe one of these would stand a better chance of scoring?


The Spoiler has a friend who loves hypothetical questions like you would not believe. Barely a conversation goes by without him asking the type of questions that would make a five-year-old wince and have Jeremy Paxman spin [...]

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A poll!

So, do you think it was a penalty for Chelsea last night?

A debateable decision?


You may not have noticed, but in the dying minutes of Manchester United’s 1-0 win over Chelsea, there was a pretty big shout for a penalty when Patrice Evra may have fouled contact with Ramires in the box.

Sir Alex Ferguson doesn’t seem too sure [...]

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crime news

Ashley Cole gets let off after SHOOTING SOMEONE

A completely necessary picture


We haven’t seen the Daily Mail introduction for this story yet, but The Spoiler imagines it will probably read like this…

“Mega rich footballing scumbag Ashley Cole – who got divorced from X-Factor star Cheryl Cole last year after cheating on her with a [...]

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Fingers on lips

People involved with Chelsea say some things and stuff

John Terry gets his leg over

terryleg.jpg Remember Chelsea? Play in blue? Won a couple of things last year? Spent a bit of money recently? Yea, that’s them…

Anyway, while they may have gone out of the FA Cup, look in very real danger of missing out on the top [...]

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Transfer stuff

Chelsea make £35m bid for Torres. Or was it was £40m? Or £60m?

“Booooring…”torres.jpgChelsea have attempted to show they can still mix it with the big boys in the playground by making a never-to-be-accepted bid for Fernando Torres. The ladies and gents of the British press have gone absolutely MENTAL about this – despite Liverpool spending the summer fending off Chelsea’s amorous advances [...]

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Transfer News

Chelsea target costly striker to take the heat off… a bit

There’s an old saying: when the going gets tough, spend, spend, spend. And while we completely made that up, it couldn’t be truer in the up-and-downy world of football.

So whilst Carlo Ancelotti recovers from the figurative kick in the bollocks he received from last night’s visit to Wolverhampton, he can take some hope from [...]

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