Just how bad were The Spoiler’s pre-season predictions?

Sunderland in the top six, Wolves in the top half and other errors


The Spoiler made ten pre-season predictions last summer. Now comes that awkward moment to look back and cringe…

Arsenal will, as always, finish in the top four Our faith in the profit-first, football-second Gunners was vindicated, kindly assisted by a typically Spursian slump, Andre Villas-Boas’ over-eagerness to overhaul and Liverpool being Liverpool. 1pt.

Sunderland will [...]

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Tevez’s agent labels PSG coach Ancelotti the best in the world

Just a coincidence that he is the only one 100% keen on his client?


To be labelled the best in the business from a field featuring Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Sir Alex Ferguson and Paul Lambert is quite the honour, and Carlo Ancelotti must be even more delighted at being awarded the title by someone so revered.

Kia Joorabchian, giving the world the update it vociferously demanded to a [...]

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Maxi Lopez and Fulham remain victims in tiresome Tevez saga

Innocent duo paying for AC Milan’s Per Mertesacker-paced actions


While Kia Joorabchian is being wined and dined by some of the most influential figures in football and Carlos Tevez is chilling, others have been left in limbo.

It is admittedly divided and indecisive AC Milan rather than the Tevez camp who are primarily to blame for the appallingly handled situation, but Maxi Lopez and [...]

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Tevez on his way out at last, more misery for Nottingham Forest

This week’s ‘Tevez to move abroad’ rumour starts gathering steam


Nearly three weeks have passed since the transfer window swung upon with a whimper, and so far the tradition of lots of stuff being talked about and nothing actually happening has been proudly maintained. Here’s what people are getting excited about today…

Tevez close to leaving Manchester City (Version 82913)

The Spoiler now knows not [...]

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Tevez in ‘being involved in interesting transfer saga’ shock

Still got some power - has Berlusconi scuppered the Tevez deal?


While everyone in England is bored to tears of Carlos Tevez, the transfer saga that he is currently tangled up in over in Italy is genuinely riveting, and produced a doozy of a twist on Thursday.

It finally, finally looked like AC Milan had sussed a way to deck him in red and white that [...]

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Fresh from ruining Italy, Berlusconi is ready to derail AC Milan

Massimiliano Allegri can look forward to plenty of tactical insights


Italian football club presidents are notorious for being as hard to please as mother-in-laws, Daily Mail readers and Aston Villa fans (hey, we can’t pick on Liverpool all the time you know!) combined.

Nine coaches have been sacked already in 2011-12 – two before the season even started – and the most reactionary president of [...]

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Rich but principled, pah!

Suddenly selfless Leonardo deserves derision for Tevez stance

A previous show of devotion to AC Milan from Leonardo...


Involvement with Carlos Tevez has a tendency to bring out the worst in football folk, and even the usually likable Leonardo appears to have fallen into that trap judging by the latest developments at Paris St-Germain.

In response to rumours linking the cashed-up French club with a move for the AC Milan target, their director [...]

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Carlos Tevez welcomed warmly by possible AC Milan team-mate

Reverse psychology, or a healthy dose of undistilled animosity?


The AC Milan cocktail in which you take one Zlatan Ibrahimovic, add a little Robinho, a pinch of Alexandre Pato and a dash of Antonio Cassano somehow isn’t a recipe for disaster.

Hurling a shot of Carlos Tevez into the already high-volume mix could prove deadly though, yet blinded by big-name lust, nobody at Milanello [...]

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