Judgmental Fashion Eye

Carly Zucker looks to John Travolta for inspiration

Carly Zucker, John Travolta

While the rest of us were distracted by a fantastic weekend of football, Carly Zucker was busily zipping around London in a preposterous disco outfit. Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve been treated to white top and flares combo, pre-Scientology maniac John Travolta was rocking exactly the same vibe [...]

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WAG Update

Pop star Jamelia slums it, Carly Zucker smiles too much

Yesterday, Today

Jamelia Superstar Picture Jamelia Superstar

Make no mistake, The Spoiler has had the odd run in with the hygiene police. There was once a whole year with the same vest top, but that’s a long, disturbing, unprintable story. Jamelia, pop singer and WAG [...]

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Girlie Things

WAG News: Bux on a bus, Zucker at a supermarket, Lloyd and a very small man

What have those WAGs been up to? You ask…

What with Theo Walcott suddenly morphing into the best player of all time, and England now totally guaranteed to win the World Cup, you’d almost forgotten about the WAGs, hadn’t you? Poor girls, out there in the real world, getting ignored. So thank Christ for The [...]

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Lookie Likie

Carly Zucker IS Rock’n'Roll

Eddie Cochrane/Carly Zucker

Carly Zucker

Carly Zucker doesn’t just want to be seen as Joe Cole’s slimline resting place, you know – this girl takes her fashion very seriously. So much so that she can now be found sporting a retrospective Eddie Cochrane cut which weighs [...]

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Car Crash

Gas Guzzler saves Chelsea star’s life

Joe Cole glad he ignored Al Gore when choosing motor

Joe Cole’s Range Rover

Big Phil Scolari officially started work at Chelsea’s Cobham training ground yesterday, and he almost did so a man down. On the way to training, Joe Cole’s Range Rover became rather

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WAG Watch

England’s failure spells bikini fun for nation’s finest WAGs

Part one of The Spoiler’s in-depth WAG holiday analysis

Without the need to attend a European Championships, it’s only natural that the nation’s premier supporting ladies have escaped the thoroughly unpredictable English weather for sunnier climes.

Pictured above is Steven Gerrard using a common Liverpudlian communication technique to attract the attention of his lovely wife [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 35: Carly Zucker

Her name means ‘sugar’ in German. Sweet.

Unless he falls foul of Avram Grant’s tactical battle of wits, Joe Cole should have a prominent role in this Sunday’s Carling Cup final. Regardless, WAG fans should be able to count on the attendance of his lady Carly Zucker, the twenty-five-year-old [...]

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