Transfer Talk

Carvalho’s off to Real Madrid, plus Arsenal man to Spurs

Bezzie mates

Mourinho and Carvalho 

The only noise of note coming from Manchester today is the soft Welsh lilt of Craig Bellamy’s voice as he discusses his future with himself in the mirror – presumably in the manner of Ben Kingsley’s Don Logan in Sexy Beast.

“You gonna quit, [...]

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Real Madrid XI

Is this Jose Mourinho’s dream Real Madrid XI?

Not bad…

Real Madrid

There is still much speculation about which players might end up at Real Madrid come the end of next month – Ozil and Khedira have been linked with a move. Jose fancies Cole and Carvalho from his Chelsea days.

Might his starting XI end up looking rather [...]

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News in Brief

Real Madrid – now after a new-look superstar defence

Carvalho – a wanted man


Now that they’ve managed to snaffle most of the world’s best attacking players, it seems that the men who make decisions at Real Madrid have had the inner-workings of football properly explained to them. They will now have your defenders too, thank you very [...]

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Who should Chelsea sign in the January transfer window?

Because they can’t play Blackburn every week

I have no friends

Like a hospital patient on suicide watch, Chelsea won’t be allowed near the window any time soon. Yet despite thumping Blackburn Rovers on Saturday, Chelsea have confirmed that they will [...]

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Russian Nightmare

Pack your bags Abramovich, the Chelsea fairytale is OVER!

Time to rip it up and start again, Chelsea


What the Christ! Last night the world was treated to probably the worst fairytale of all time, akin to Cinderella meeting Prince Charming, only to find that beneath the sparkling veneer he’s actually really anal and a bit clinically depressed. [...]

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Fighting Talk

Man United/ Chelsea – the battle of the mind games

Like children, footballers can be so cruel 


As absolutely everyone knows, before the biggest match of the season, the battle begins in the press. We like to call it The Battle of the Brains. Already Chelsea and Man United have been trading blows like furious tots in a street [...]

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Silly Andriy

Oh Boy! Shevchenko messes up again

Chelsea stars get their leather on in da club

Leather boys

For those that didn’t realise, last night the theme was “Small Leather Jacket” down at Funky Buddha – by far the most sensual of London’s sexy wine bars.

Of course, Lamps was there with pals Ballack and [...]

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