Odd Couple

Unlikely Hollywood/football relationship REVEALED!

Duvall – likes his footer

Robert Duvall

Both footballers and actors live in a strange bubble, in which they spend two thirds of the year working in intense groups with specific goals, then the rest of it making up for lost sex parties and boozy nights out in clubs. [...]

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Greedy Child

Hang on, how many teams did young Robbie Keane support?

 Keane – big football fan

Robbie Keane

If you ever pluck up the courage, walk slowly to the back of a bus, and ask the group of terrifying youngsters – with their pot, and their homemade “shivs” – which football team they support.

One of two things will happen. [...]

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Transfer Talk

Lahm to City, Keane to Celtic, Carew to Turkey…

Take a good look, Wayne Bridge. Your new enemy

Philipp Lahm

Whilst the rest of the nation stares mindlessly at the office clock, willing Christmas to come early this year, hard working sports journalists have been working around the thing, desperately clawing at clues that might shed some light [...]

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Staying in m'lord

Arsenal scholars set to teach Liverpool’s kids a lesson

Can Rafa still blame Steve Heighway

Wilshere and A.N.Other

Amongst the many arrows aimed at the temples of Rafael Benitez Maudes of late, has been the allegation that his ability to bring through young players is limited. Certainly the foriegn teenagers he has brought to Anfield, [...]

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