What would you do – if you were Arsenal striker Robin van Persie?

Stay? Go? Raise an ambiguous thumb in both directions?


Inspired by the 21st century Bohemian Rhapsody – the City High single with the above name – The Spoiler plans to sample the shoes worn by those certain to feature in the summer’s biggest and most boring transfer sagas over the next few weeks, having a dabble at career guidance counselling.

Robin van Persie, the [...]

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The Spoiler’s Summer Awards – Part One

And the award for most unnecessary caps in a headline goes to…

Joey Barton and Cesc Fabregas

Apologies once again for the lack of activity on The Spoiler this summer. To compensate – or punish further, depending on your view – we’ve crammed about seven stories [...]

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Why Arsenal are getting a brilliant deal for Fabregas…

On his way?


With the transfer window opening in Spain on Friday, The Guardian reports that Fabregas is keen to finalise a move to Barcelona before he has to report back to Arsenal for pre-season training next week.

Several sources also believe Barca have upped their bid to £35million [...]

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Neymar to Russia, half a dozen defenders to Arsenal and more…

Something’s missing…


When The Spoiler was a little whippersnapper we had a weird habit of studying the calendars of Premier League teams in the January sale and working out which players would be sold.

If a player was pictured in the January to May section they were getting flogged, [...]

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Fabregas to Milan, Forlan to Tottenham, and more…

Ahh, memories…


Barcelona were surely taking the p*ss with their bid of £27million for Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas earlier today, no? It’s almost as if Barca didn’t expect the bid to be accepted.

It’s like they wanted Fabregas to know there is concrete interest. It’s like they want [...]

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Neymar to Real Madrid, Luiz to Barcelona and more…

Two sexy Spaniards…


There is a distinct Spanish feel to the transfer rumours today with Real Madrid and Barcelona both chasing some bloody big names.

Before all that though – Chelsea have confirmed Andre Villas-Boas as their next boss. He’s signed a three-year deal.

Apparently, that now means Roman [...]

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Clichy to Liverpool, Cahill to Spurs and more…



Apparently the Daily Star has run a Ryan Giggs story on their front page for the past 14 days.

We’re not bothered about footballers in the front of the paper though – not today at least – and instead we’re heading straight to the back for a look [...]

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