Champions League

Arsenal draw Barcelona, Man United get Bayern Munich…

Wenger – miffed?

Arsene Wenger

And so it’s happened. It was another glitzy affair, definitely up there with some of the most spectacularly entertaining Champions League draws of the last few years, including overblown montages, and an awkward conversation between Gianni Infantino and Emilio Butragueno – who, by the way, [...]

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Crystal Ball

Not long to go, make your Champions League predictions!

The Chaaaampionzzz… da da da dah!

Champions League 

The Spoiler readers have proved rather wonderful at predicting football tournament draws. Last time around, both the United head-to-head with AC Milan, and Chelsea’s with Inter were both called in advance. So, let’s try again!

Who would you like to see [...]

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Your Call!

Your picks for the Champions League draw!

Mourinho… waits


With the draw upon us, The Spoiler readers have spoken, and this is what YOU want:

Man United to face AC Milan.

And both Arsenal and Chelsea to draw Inter. Which, sadly, is impossible.

Still, let’s see how it goes. Fingers crossed everyone!

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Champions League

VOTE: The Champions League Draw!

Beckham – fancies a crack at United

David Beckham 

Tomorrow morning at 11:00 GMT, it’s time for the Champions League draw for the knockout phase. Becksie’s already piped up and declared that he wants his AC Milan boys to get Man United.

But who do YOU want to see [...]

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