day tripper

Wembley looks very pretty ahead of the Champions League final



Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to a very special article. For one week only The Spoiler is coming to you ON A SATURDAY!

That’s right, while the rest of you are sitting about eating bacon sandwiches and making your plans for tonight’s Champions League final, The Spoiler is working [...]

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Weird Celebration

Mourinho celebrates with incredible display of spitting

What happened next?… Seriously

Jose Mourinho

For those of you too busy pinking up your faces and sloshing back summertime pints, Jose Mourinho had a great night on Saturday, bagging another Champions League trophy, before celebrating with a home made water fountain (pictured).

Some highlights after the jump…

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Feeling Cocky

Barcelona already making plans for the final!

“It’s in the bag!”


As anyone who loves awards shows will tell you, there is such a thing as a foregone conclusion. That’s why actors and actresses tend to take to the stage, whimper something about how they “really weren’t expecting this”, before reciting an astonishingly detailed speech about [...]

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