Massive Champions League news

Benfica stand between Chelsea and the right to lose to Barcelona

APOEL's chances of Champions League glory also suffer a blow


While you’ve been screaming at horses on television, over in Switzerland, that loveable bald bloke has been perfecting the art of time wasting.

In between those eagerly-anticipated video montages, he did manage to oversee the Champions League draw, and miraculously, kept Real Madrid and Barcelona apart. Not just in the quarter-final, but in the semis [...]

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The return of the Champions League is less than a week away!

Forget the flowers, spend February 14 with Graeme Souness and co


February 14. An expensive seat at a posh venue, painstakingly but thoughtfully prepared montages and a bit of spine-chilling orchestra music to accompany the dulcet tweet of Howard Webb’s whistle. It can only mean one thing: the return of the Champions League.

That’s right, the scrap for that cup with the Gary Lineker-esque ears resumes [...]

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Arsenal chairman: “A Champions League spot would be nice”

And if that Messi chap asked to join us, wouldn’t that be super too?


With Garry Cook no longer at large, it feels fair to generalise that most football club suits favour a policy of either taking out restraining orders on microphones or only stepping in front of them to deliver cautious sound bites about “improving the global visibility of the brand going forwards”.

One exception to this trend, [...]

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Controversial news

Adriana Lima is not all that compared to football

Lima – pah!


Being a LAD these days is hard work, innit? What with eating loads of man crisps, drinking blue alcopops, having BANTER with our LAD mates and wishing we were Danny Dyer, it’s a wonder we have time for anything else.

Well we do have time for [...]

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The Draw!

It’s official, Arsene Wenger IS a clairvoyant!

Arsenal will take on Barcelona in the knock out stages of the Champions League. How the hell did he know?

In other news, Spurs got AC Milan, Man United got Marseille, and Chelsea drew a nice long straw with a match against Copenhagen.

Thoughts? And why no laser show, guys?

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