Mystic Wenger

Is Arsene Wenger really a clairvoyant? Find out today…

With the Champions League draw due at some point this lunchtime – presumably after a few boring speeches and a totally unnecessary laser show – all will become clear as to the workings of Prof. Wenger’s mind.

As reported into all of today’s papers, he seems to KNOW that Arsenal will draw Barcelona.

“I know [...]

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Gambling Information

The tipsters fancy a Spurs win from tonight’s big match

Multiply your money…


It’s rare in life that you get to sense the full spectrum of football emotion whilst standing in just one spot, but should Spurs pull off a victory this evening, North London will morph into a hungry melting pot of Tottenham European glee mixed with frustrated [...]

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Smooth Criminals

Real Madrid Two get sent off ON PURPOSE!

“Ramos needs to get sent off, pass it on…”

Ramos sending off

(Image via Marca)

With Real Madrid already through to the knockout stages, it seems that Alonso and Ramos thought it wise to avoid missing any of the more trying matches by accidentally-on-purpose taking ages over [...]

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