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5 good reasons why John Terry should die happy

Turn that frown upside down


Regardless of his breezy persona, it seems that beneath the outward sunshine, JT is actually pensive and borderline-miserable. Why? Here’s why (as said on Chelsea TV):

“Until we win that trophy (The Champions League) I’m not going to die a happy man, that’s a fact.”

With [...]

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News in brief

Important news about Redknapp Snr, and more…

Football’s wheeler-dea… Harry! Where are you going?

Harry Redknapp

X Factor contestants will be avoiding black cats, ladders, and resisting the urge to punch mirrors in a fit of self doubt, with news that Cheryl Tweedy/Cole has decided to take her segment of the competition to Dorset during the bit [...]

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Betting Information

Football brainiacs make their Champions League predictions

Totally unrelated giant football picture

Giant Football 

Some of the more dangerous/sexy amongst you will be forever searching for extra thrills, and what better way to ensure a midweek Champions League headrush than with a spot of football betting? 

After the jump, various throbbing craniums go into overdrive explaining exactly [...]

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