Transfer stuff

Downing and Adam FINALLY to Liverpool, Thiago to Man Utd and more…



We can normally take or leave tennis but for some reason we’ve properly got into this year’s Wimbledon.

Maybe it’s the lack of World Cup action that’s helping our love of the game or maybe it’s because Kate Middleton is in the crowd for Andy Murray’s [...]

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A poll!

Who should win the PFA Player of the Year award?

He won it last year – he’s been rubbish this year, mind

waynerooney.jpg You’ll definitely have heard by now, but those rascals at the Daily Mail have gone and leaked the shortlist for the PFA Player of the Year award.

There are a couple of surprise omissions – Nani and [...]

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A poll!

(Carroll + Suarez) – (Torres/No Adam) = better Liverpool?

Lynx – firey


Well, that all went a bit bloody mental didn’t it? After weeks of boredom listening to people saying: “£18m for Darren Bent? All he does is score loads of goals,” the transfer window got all exciting as money was thrown about in a manner that would [...]

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Transfer News

Have Man United swooped in for Charlie Adam?

Ian Holloway may yet tear out any remaining hair with news that Man United are unzipping their big red pantaloons and readying to urinate all over King Kenny’s chips with a bid for Charlie Adam. Fergie rates him highly so they say.Who fancies first dibs on Michael Carrick? 

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Holloway is going to make lots of cash out of Adam sale

Is the mask slipping? Is there a mask? Hmm…


And Hmm… again. The plot thickens. Apparently there is a sell-on clause in the contract of players Ian Holloway buys for Blackpool, meaning the cheeky chappy stands to pocket a percentage of the profits when the player is sold [...]

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transfer stuff

Fergie backs Holloway, Evra might be off, and more…

Work that hair, girlfriend!


Abbey Clancy has been a bit quiet of late – but that’s because she’s pregnant, silly! With the spawn of Peter Crouch no less. The Daily Mail seem concerned for poor Abbey because she has just TWO MONTHS until she is due to pop [...]

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