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WAG No. 227: Danielle Lloyd

Serial footballer admirer snares victim number six

Danielle Lloyd is to footballer steamrollerings what Bob Dylan is to songwriting: prolific. Until this day she had still to be inducted into the WAG of the Day hall of fame, however, on account of her new “relationship” with Liverpool

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WAG No. 165: Maria Mazza

A man actually left this woman…

It’s easy to forget that not all beautiful ladies get the chance to become WAGs, and even when they do, their stint as the most lucky woman alive can be short lived. Beyonce Knowles, Helen of Troy and Jenny Agutter are just three gorgeous girls [...]

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Important Danielle Lloyd and Charlotte Mears news

Should-be-WAGs hit the town… 

For those of you too busy watching one of cable television’s numerous sports channels over the weekend, you might have forgotten to leave the house. You didn’t miss much really, except some beautiful August drizzle, Danielle Lloyd showing the world her knickers at Embassy nightclub (above), and Charlotte Mears parading around [...]

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Danielle Lloyd gets just desserts, Alex Curran puts Liverpool in danger

It’s all betrayal and fake tans in the world of Waggery

When beset by heartache, it is often best to confide in someone. In reaction to her separation with three-timing serial WAG boffer Jermain Defoe, Danielle Lloyd has done exactly that, by sharing her pain with the readers of The Daily Star:

‘It was my [...]

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Defoe back with Charlotte Mears – romance lives!

Jermain Defoe and Charlotte Mears

Romantic settings are hard to come by in this vicious war-torn world. There’s the Empire State Building (Hanks/Ryan territory), the Eiffel Tower (a Crouch/Clancey favourite), beachy sunsets (any idiot who travels to Thailand in their “gap year”) and, of course, Embassy [...]

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Good news London – Danielle Lloyd is moving to Portsmouth!

Hatred is coming to the coastal city

Danielle Lloyd In a move which will have devastating financial consequences for swanky London clubs and the paparazzi, Danielle Lloyd is about to move to Portsmouth to be with her untrustworthy love rat fiancé Jermian Defoe.

A source from The Daily Danielle [...]

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