Judgmental Fashion Eye

Carly Zucker looks to John Travolta for inspiration

Carly Zucker, John Travolta

While the rest of us were distracted by a fantastic weekend of football, Carly Zucker was busily zipping around London in a preposterous disco outfit. Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve been treated to white top and flares combo, pre-Scientology maniac John Travolta was rocking exactly the same vibe [...]

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Photographic Evidence

Interesting Deco, Ferdinand and Cheryl Cole news

Away from the pitch they’re just like you… only cooler

Cheryl Cole

Thank Christ for the paparazzi. There, we said it. Because without these drooling heroes with their gigantic cameras and intrusive personalities, we would know nothing about the real lives of our footballers and their WAGs. Until this [...]

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Great Timing

John Terry, so macho

Who says tough guys don’t wear panties?

JT in pants

It’s been quite a day for footballers letting it all hang out. First Jermaine Pennant casually turned up for work in just a pair of socks, and now John Terry has been caught fraternising with enthusiastic [...]

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The Future

Big Chelsea and Ronaldo news

Tomorrow’s headlines today

Look at you, sitting there, gorging yourself on all things Big Brother. You need to take some time out for football, friend. Here’s all the big news from the day after today. Otherwise known as “tomorrow”…

Portsmouth want Ronaldo No, the world hasn’t gone completely bananas, Cristiano isn’t desperate to [...]

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WAG of the day

WAG No. 93: Toni Poole

Have a look at John Terry’s cheerful wife

Should you see a woman with delightfully blonde hair nervously gnawing her knuckles in Moscow on Wednesday night, ask yourself this question: is that, by any chance, Toni Poole – wife of John Terry? Chances are it probably is.

She’ll be nervous for numerous [...]

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Hideous Fashion Error

Has Ashley Cole learnt NOTHING?


While his pop star wife nipped out to look sensual with her bandmates, Ashley Cole took it upon himself to launch headlong into yet another set of enormous social blunders.

Mistake Number One was going to Chinawhites on a Wednesday – that (along with Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Friday and [...]

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