Big money

Barcelona are the highest paying sports team in the world

£1,023,000-a-week worth of talent


Here’s a list of the highest paying sports teams IN THE WORLD and the average weekly amount they pay to their players. The Spoiler always assumed that Baseball/basketball teams would spank little ol’ European football, but apparently not…

1. Barcelona (football) £93,000 2. Real Madrid [...]

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London Calling?

Kaka’s mum gets Chelsea fans excited with Twitter tweet

Where would we be without Mario Balotelli or Twitter? We’ll tell you where – still trawling the internet looking around for news rather than having it slap us right in the face with its dirty, clammy palms.

This may not be news exactly, in fact, it may just be a middle-aged woman’s holiday plans, but

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Nice footballer No.2

John Terry helps out his old club with a big wedge of cash

The young JT…


After telling the lovely story about Mario Balotelli giving a redheaded dreadlocked homeless chap some moolah, we thought it was only fair that we also told the tale of the England captain and his English little league side.

Apparently, after reading a heartbreaking story in the [...]

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Man Utd v Chelsea stuff

Man Utd are through. Torres is rubbish. Giggs is brilliant



That was more like it, wasn’t it? After a pretty boring couple of days in the normally mental world of football, Man Utd’s win over Chelsea at least threw up a few talking points.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest talking points is [...]

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John Terry names his picks for England’s next generation

16-year-old Nathaniel Chalobah potentially a WC2014 star?


John Terry has been an extremely busy man as of late, but sportswear giants Umbro recently managed to pin him down long enough to have a nice chat – and The Spoiler got to ask him a question ourselves! Richard Anderson [...]

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