A scrapbook

10 Pictures in loving memory of Ashley and Cheryl, divorced

Divorce illustrated using Photoshop wizardry

Ashley and Cheryl Cole

Well, it’s a sad day for football’s fourth or fifth most beloved couple – Cheryl has finally decided to divorce Ashley Cole. The consensus being that she’d grown increasingly annoyed by the sheer volume of other women that [...]

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Best Buds

50 Cent set to make beautiful music with Ashley Cole

50 Cent – Ashley’s shoulder to cry on

50 Cent

They say that whenever one door closes, a window opens. Or it might be the other way round. The window first, then the door. Either way, the point is that, in life, one humongous cock-punch can frequently lead to [...]

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Transfer News

Ashley Cole’s beard, Deco’s off, Mascherano’s new deal…

Beard pictures recreated using Photoshop skills

Ashley Cole

Well, the big news is that Ashley Cole has grown a beard – this is Phase One of any kind of breakdown. Phase Two should find him listening to Girls Aloud records in his underpants, shouting along hysterically to Cheryl’s [...]

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News in brief

Cole separation confirmed, Portsmouth update…

Love split illustrated using Photoshop skills


It’s been another big day for the investigative journalists on the Cole case, with Cheryl’s spokesperson, Sundraj Sreenivasan, finally putting everyone out of their misery:

“Cheryl Cole is separating from her husband Ashley Cole. Cheryl asks the media to respect her privacy [...]

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The Big Question

VOTE: Should Cole really face Chelsea punishment?

“Run Cheryl! Run!… he ain’t no good etc…”

Ashley and Cheryl Cole

Ashley Cole cheated on his wife, lots of times. There is nothing remotely surprising/shocking about that sentence. Except that he could now be punished by his club, with talk of Chelsea even giving him [...]

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