A scrapbook

10 Pictures in loving memory of Ashley and Cheryl, divorced

Divorce illustrated using Photoshop wizardry

Ashley and Cheryl Cole

Well, it’s a sad day for football’s fourth or fifth most beloved couple – Cheryl has finally decided to divorce Ashley Cole. The consensus being that she’d grown increasingly annoyed by the sheer volume of other women that [...]

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Photographic Evidence

Interesting Deco, Ferdinand and Cheryl Cole news

Away from the pitch they’re just like you… only cooler

Cheryl Cole

Thank Christ for the paparazzi. There, we said it. Because without these drooling heroes with their gigantic cameras and intrusive personalities, we would know nothing about the real lives of our footballers and their WAGs. Until this [...]

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Serious Marriage Issues

Ashley Cole somehow getting even easier to dislike


Just when you thought you couldn’t hate any more, along comes Ashley Cole brandishing the victim card, and a massive eruption of molten loathing goes off in your head.

Not content with humiliating his pretty wife by smearing his hamster-like hands all over numerous barmaids and glamour girls, Cole has now decided that he [...]

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Love Rat

Ashley Cole has a “groin problem”

Chelsea womaniser finds out what ‘STI’ stands for

Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole was training with Chelsea yesterday, and was repeatedly scratching himself with the ferocity of a flea-ridden Rottweiler. What on earth could he have been doing to cause irritation in that area?

The investigation continues…

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