More bad news

Reasons why England could blow it against Belarus

Hello, we’re banging the drum of doom…

Disappointed fans

God, how depressing was Saturday? Never before has a 5-1 victory felt so damn flat. It was rubbish. And while absolutely no one in Europe accurately knows where Belarus is, it could turn out to be the worst place ever, [...]

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Football Betting

Who will be top of the league at the end of August?

Bet on that thing that starts tomorrow here

David Bentley

It’s a lot harder to predict who will be top after a month that it is to predict who will be celebrating come May. After all, last season Manchetsre Utd took just two points from their first [...]

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Make/Lose money!

Start your football betting now!

Bored? Then start gambling, man…


People talk about dog years, or leap years, but time never drags quite like the months between football seasons. Grown men wander around shoe shops on Saturday afternoons, totally lost and alone. People aren’t sure whether they should be punching each other in the [...]

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North London News

Eight reasons why Arsenal fans should be optimistic

See? It’s not all bad…


People of North London, even in these frightening times where bendy buses rule the roads, and children are more likely to be found shopping in the kitchen part of B&Q than adults, you should all still find time to muster a smile. After [...]

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