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Cristiano Ronaldo in Jersey Shore, World Cup hairstyles…

Also appearing on a computer near you…

CR7 Jersey Shore 

To kickstart a potential feature called something like “Footballers who should be in television programmes”, above is Cristiano Ronaldo in a football reimagining of MTV’s Jersey Shore. If you can think of more footballers who would be perfectly suited to a TV show, email [...]

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Bet of the day

Bet on a small hatful of goals in the Brazil game

This gruesome twosome is back in town…

Kaka and Robinho 

For anyone who thinks that there is nothing to live for now that England are out of the World Cup, you are wrong. Very wrong.

What about Wimbledon? Big Brother? The prospect of Glasto bosses following the success [...]

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Make money on Chile putting Switzerland to the sword

The Swiss won’t be able to hold out against Bielsa’s boys


Don’t worry, this one isn’t an England bet. We’re playing it safe and backing a straightforward win for Chile, who’ll be kicking off in the Group H clash against Switzerland any minute now.

Chile’s fluid attacking display [...]

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Was yesterday the best day at World Cup 2010 so far?

A: Yes.


Yesterday, as the first round of World Cup group games drew to a close and the second began, there was a change in the air in South Africa. Teams started playing entertaining football.

Driven by the urgency of simply needing to get some points on the board, [...]

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Betting News

Bet on David Villa for the World Cup Golden Boot

He shoots… he probably scores!

David Villa

Of course, much money will be thrown around during the World Cup, so The Spoiler is more than happy to accept decent betting advice from those in the know. Here’s what some friends of the site had to say about [...]

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News in brief

Aaron Lennon’s feeling better, Mancini’s staying put…

Lennon – back on the plane?

Aaron Lennon

Fans of romantic things will presumably be wiping their tears away with fallen rose petals today, with the terrible news that Lenny Henry and Dawn French are getting divorced. Did she tire of his hilarious jokes? Was his Theophilus P. Wildebeest [...]

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