Nice Pair

Villa and Torres voted world’s best strike partnership

Chest bump goes wrong…

Torres and Villa 

The England team has been treated to some lovely partnerships up front in the last few years – you’ve got Beardsley and Lineker, Sheringham and Shearer, for a time there was Owen and Heskey. And now what? Rooney and “someone”. No [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 251: Maria Jose Lopez

The Chilean model who’s worth fighting for

Those who have been paying attention to The Spoiler may have noticed that Chilean model Maria Jose Lopez recently hit the headlines when she entangled herself in a football love triangle.

The generously-chested model was rumoured to have slept with Chilean international Mauricio Pinilla, [...]

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Sexy Violence News

Which Inter Milan star started a nightclub brawl?

Chilean internationals fight it out over attractive lady


It seems that Steven Gerrard isn’t the only one arguing with his fists over this festive period.

Inter Milan midfielder Luis Jimenez has held a grudge over fellow Chilean international Mauricio Pinilla after the South American press claimed the latter had slept with the former’s wife, [...]

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Street Art

Anger Robinho at your peril

Else he might end up doing a mural…


Even after a 3-0 win against Chile at the weekend, Man City’s new Christ, Robinho, was livid. The Chileans hadn’t lined up against he and his Brazilian cohorts with the right quota of respect – the idiots had tried to play [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 127: Pamela Diaz

Chile: exporters of wine, copper and top-heavy models

In 2006, a tournament was held in Germany that gripped the attention of men all around the world. Of course, I’m referring to the Triumph Underwear Fashion Cup, where models gathered to show off lingerie with a vague sporting aesthetic. Competitors [...]

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