WAG of the Day

WAG No. 132: Leah Newman

Playboy model who’s tired of her domestic duties

Prior to marrying fugly ex professional footballer Neil Ruddock, Leah Newman was a glamour girl socialite who made oodles of cash hawking her wares in publications such as The Daily Sport during the day, and spent her evenings in London WAG haunts such [...]

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Hideous Fashion Error

Has Ashley Cole learnt NOTHING?


While his pop star wife nipped out to look sensual with her bandmates, Ashley Cole took it upon himself to launch headlong into yet another set of enormous social blunders.

Mistake Number One was going to Chinawhites on a Wednesday – that (along with Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Friday and [...]

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WAG Watch

Abbey Clancy puts hygiene first

Peter Crouch’s WAG combines bathing and socialising


When a gaggle of gorgeous models tour the West End’s trendiest bars in a night of celebration, where are they most likely to end up for the after party? Chinawhite’s? Unconscious on Dean Gaffney’s kitchen floor? Nope, the correct answer is

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