Christmas Conspiracy

Did John Terry get sent off on purpose?

Did JT fancy Christmas with the wife and kids?

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In years gone by, certain players in lower leagues have privately admitted that they have had themselves dismissed to avoid training or travelling on Christmas [...]

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Frugal Spending

How Manchester Utd stars will beat the Xmas credit crunch

Ronaldo and co to buy each other cheap tat

Cristiano Ronaldo spreading Christmas joy

“Secret Santa” systems are usually reserved for drab offices full of mutual loathing, but two years ago Jose Mourinho also “raised morale” at Chelsea with a secret present draw. This year, the [...]

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Amazing News!

Spurs fans, get really rich from your misery

Every cloud has a silver etc…

Silver Lining

How’s about this for a saying – better to be rich and miserable, than poor and miserable. The Spoiler just made it up, and as sayings go, it’s up there with the best. The Spoiler has already pointed out that

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Pete Tong

Terrifying prophecy coming true for Tottenham

Ramos must leave, and fast…

Dan Ackroyd

Some might argue that Juande Ramos is brave and loyal for standing his ground and refusing to leave Spurs. Others may allude to a Christmas spent on the streets, dejectedly wearing a Santa outfit (1:40 into this clip) like Dan [...]

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