who'd have thought?

Claude Makelele confirms what we all suspected about Jose Mourinho

Et tu?


Footballers autobiographies are (we’re told, The Spoiler has never read one) pretty rubbish. You’re better off saving your money and reading the extracts in the back of The Sun – at least you get some pictures of stunna t*ts thrown in as well.

Claude Makelele’s autobiography will [...]

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Premier League XI

The Spoiler’s Premier League Team of the Decade

Hands up who agrees… anyone?

Premier League team of the decade

As compiled teams go, the above one was almost impossible to settle on, and will surely ruffle about a million feathers. But, even so, it’s The Spoiler’s team of the decade.

In goal, Given [...]

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Excellent XI

The Spoiler’s Team of the Decade

Did this man make it? Read on (CLUE: yes he did)


It’s hard to know how to correctly refer to the next decade – “the tens”? The “two thousand and tens”? The “teens”? No one honestly knows. Either way, below is a compiled list of the greatest players of [...]

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