Healthy Regime

Rooney’s rigourous pre-season training continues

Cigarettes and fast food help Wayne stay fit in his summer break

The Wynn Casino is one of the best in Las Vegas, boasting no less than fifteen award winning restaurants. Guests, for example, may enjoy the Michelin-starred delights of celebrity chef Alessandro Stratta in Alex, or the equally Michelin-starred delicacies avaliable in [...]

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wedded bliss

The Rooneys show worrying lack of honeymoon flair

We give it three years… tops

Wise men say that the key to a long happy marriage is variety. You need to mix it up. Of course, we would all like to eat ham and chips every day, and make great missionary love by night, but women are complicated creatures. They actually like change.

So, [...]

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Oh you sexy young things

Ronaldo vs Rooney – which one is the poshest?

Ahhh, so this is how the other half live…

It’s no great secret that Wayne Rooney spent his childhood wearing rags and hoofing stones around Liverpool council estates, while over in Portugal Ronaldo’s family were so subservient and caught up in the 1980s that they even named their son after the US President, Ronald Reagan. [...]

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Transfer News

Rooney to sign for Leeds

Rockstar forces shock transfer on wedding day

Kelly Jones Wayne Rooney

Traditionally, wedding receptions are a time of dancing with elderly relatives, drinking too much cheap champers and watching young children ease their boredom by setting fire to decorations.

They are not usually a place where the [...]

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Condemned Man

Wayne Rooney is having a great time on his stag do

Smile Wayne, it might never happen. Oh wait, it will

Wayne Rooney

Faced with the prospect of settling down with a woman who will no doubt curb his appetite for geriatric ladies of the night, Wayne Rooney is positively beaming with enthusiasm on his Ibiza stag do.

This isn’t [...]

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Classy Lassy

Oh boy, Wayne Rooney’s cousin is a topless model

Natalie Rooney wants the world to see her boobs once again

Remember the girl who flashed her breasts to the press at Coleen McLoughlin’s 21st birthday party? It is still unclear which finishing school she attended, but her name is Natalie Rooney, she is Wayne’s cousin and she’s now planning to launch a [...]

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WAG of the day

WAG No. 83: Coleen McLoughlin

This woman allows Wayne Rooney into her bed

Only a true cynic would say that Coleen doesn’t dance for her dinner. Okay Wayne brings home the majority of the bacon, but don’t forget, this lady is multi-talented.

Want proof? Well, she’s great at working out, she proved that with some exercise DVD [...]

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