The Big Question

Hang on, is Wayne Rooney going to get away with it?

Kids, do NOT take note

Wayne and Coleen 

In light of Rooney’s three-in-a-bedders with local Manchester hookers, Peter Crouch’s stag night visit to a continental prostitute seems rather twee – even when he was throwing money around in return for sex, the hooker confessed that he was actually really polite about it.

And yet, [...]

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News in brief

Kaka’s knackered, Coleen’s tatt, A.Cole goes dancing

Plus this rather funny picture…


Those schooled in philosophy can talk endlessly about the true value of everyday objects. Is a pencil still a pencil when no one is using it? Likewise, is a transfer window still a window, even though nothing is going on?

Who knows?

Deep thinking [...]

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Wayne Rooney’s neighbours hate his hideous mansion

‘Grotesque’ new homes anger toffee-nosed villagers

Rooney’s Place

Residents of a posh Cheshire village have taken time away from their backgammon games, wine racks and learning the Daily Mail by heart to complain about ‘The Rooney effect’, whereby Premiership footballers, almost always from a different part of the social [...]

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