Colombian police seize World Cup trophy made of cocaine

Warning: Video includes godawful pun…

Colombian drugs police have uncovered a World Cup replica the exact size and weight of the real thing – but made entirely out of cocaine. Looks Diego Maradona’s mates are going to [...]

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Colombia robbed by “scantily clad girls” at World Cup hotel

South American internationals get the Magluf treatment


Probably not the headline Danny Jordaan, head of South Africa’s World Cup bid, wants to be reading over his Corn Flakes just two weeks before the tournament starts.

Local press are reporting the Colombian national football team, in town to play out [...]

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Football-related murder news

Colombian footballer surrenders to police after killing an abusive fan

Javier Flórez shoots a supporter for calling him “weak”

As Andrés Escobar discovered fifteen years ago, Colombian football and gunpoint murders go together like peas and carrots. The latest victim of this unfortunate harmonious relationship is a fan of Atletico Junior, who pushed Javier Flórez over the edge.

Apparently, the midfielder was driving home [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 351: Mirella Grisales

Yet another former lover of Real Madrid’s latest acquisition

After more than a year of tiring speculation, Cristiano Ronaldo has finally secured his escape route to Madrid. In honour his much-touted departure, we pay tribute to one of the lucky ladies who played a part in C-Ron’s highly prolific [...]

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