Breach of Contract News

Adrian Mutu writes an open letter to Chelsea

Romanian still struggling to pay ridiculous £14.6m fine

Adrian Mutu

Adrian Mutu was sacked by Chelsea in 2004 on account of his cocaine abuse, and was given a seven month ban and a £20,000 fine by the FA. When he signed for Juventus (via Livorno) as a free agent [...]

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Scudamore and Richards are to blame for the Tevez saga

Should the Premier League have demanded more proof in April?

The latest extract leaked from The Daily Mail’s copy of the Tevez tribunal outcome offers even more proof that the incompetence of Premier League chiefs Richard Scudamore and Dave Richards is to blame for the current situation:

If the Premier League had known what Mr [...]

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West Ham will take compensation case to the CAS

Hammers ready to fight Tevez ruling

West Ham are planning to approach the Court of Arbitration for Sport to appeal the tribunal ruling in favour of Sheffield United, according to BBC Sport‘s news ticker.

The FA yesterday released a statement in which they said: ”There is no further right of appeal under FA rules.”

However, the [...]

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Money Matter$

UEFA perfect the art of wasting their money

Administrative body dishing out cash for no particular reason

Uefa Technical Director Andy Roxburgh

In a move that will only aid the top English clubs in their quest to widen the gap between themselves and the rest of the league, UEFA have decided to compensate [...]

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