Transfer stuff

Wickham to Sunderland, Thiago not to Man Utd and more…

Klum – overdressed


It’s been a slightly busier couple of days with regards to all the transfer shenanigans but something just isn’t grabbing us at the moment. It’s not very… y’know… GRRR!

Basically, our appetite has yet to be sufficiently whetted for the upcoming season. Even the revelation that [...]

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Transfer stuff

Adebayor back to City, Patricio to United, and other stuff…

Goodbye, England’s rose…


It’s happened, the moment we’ve all been dreading – Cheryl Cole is leaving us to go to America.

Feel free to make some toilet attendant/accent joke if you want, but they’ve pretty much all been done and none of them are very funny. Not that it’s [...]

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John Terry names his picks for England’s next generation

16-year-old Nathaniel Chalobah potentially a WC2014 star?


John Terry has been an extremely busy man as of late, but sportswear giants Umbro recently managed to pin him down long enough to have a nice chat – and The Spoiler got to ask him a question ourselves! Richard Anderson [...]

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