Guardiola’s 13th Clasico to end like most of the first 12

A tough call for viewers: the second half of Wolves v Brum or this...


The Catalan press have hired a sports psychologist to label Cristiano Ronaldo allergic to Barcelona and are crowing about having spent far less than Real Madrid since Pep Guardiola Superman-ed his way into the Camp Nou dugout in 2008.

Yeah, that’s right, they’ve had literally years to brag about that, yet waited until they were [...]

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Liven up your Thursday by taking on the mighty Barcelona

Feeling brave? Excellent, there’s 17/2 to be had on Barca losing...


Constantly winning silverware can get a bit tiresome after a while it would appear, so Barcelona took a break from that slog earlier this week to pick up some personal honours instead.

Lionel Messi was forced to come up with some fresh material – not easy, believe us – for yet another Ballon d’Or acceptance [...]

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Action replay

Video: Wigan/ Manchester Utd highlights

Red Devils inch towards another Premier League title

Wigan 1/ Manchester Utd 2 Liverpool fans across the country felt a glimmer of hope as the Latics lead going into the second half, but they inevitably fell apart [...]

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