A dreadful pun

Would the Real/Slim Ronaldo please weigh-in?

Top entertainment…

Calling the Real Ronaldo the Real Ronaldo upsets a lot of people who love the Fake Cristiano Ronaldo, but differentiating by calling him Fat Ronaldo has never [...]

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Ronaldo plays Guess Who? Brazilian feet edition

Like something out of a Victorian medical journal


Feet are the tools of a footballers trade, and like any tools, they eventually get worn and a bit manky.

Fortunately, the average football fan doesn’t get to see the result of thousands of hours spent kicking a piece of leather [...]

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not funny

Roberto Carlos doesn’t have a future in comedy, apparently

Story hilariously depicted using Photoshop wizardry

Robert Carlos

In the same way that you’d be hard pushed to find a Loose Women audience member who doesn’t occasionally pull over on the way to pick up the kids to weep hysterically and repeatedly thump the steering wheel - before pulling herself [...]

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(Fat) Ronaldo: “I’m fat”

O Fenômeno’s weight-related epiphany is three years overdue…


Since returning to Brazil after pies and feeble knee cartilage called time on a 14-year European career, Original Ronaldo has been enjoying his football. He’s racked up 19 goals in 25 games for Corinthians so far, bagging a league title and [...]

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Unnecessary surgery news

Ronaldo had liposuction

Rotund Brazilian striker loses weight the cheaters’ way


(Fat) Ronaldo was in hospital this week after breaking his left wrist in a 3-0 defeat to Corinthians on Sunday. Knowing that he is likely to be out of action for anything up to five weeks while his bone heals, the [...]

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