Five bold, probably misguided, Championship predictions

Nigel Pearson, the best Championship Manager since 2001-02

Nigel Pearson

Neither West Ham nor Leicester will win it

Both have assured bosses, big wallets and have spent well, but the distance between them and the chasing pack in the betting is staggering for a division famed for chewing up big clubs. West Ham started their last Championship stint with England internationals in tow and wound [...]

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Sixy Time: Six great League Cup 4th Round Ties (Part 1)

This wasn’t easy…

I used to be loved

Plymouth Argyle 3 Aston Villa 5 6/2/1961

A full eight weeks after this fixture was first played, Aston Villa finally booked their place in the quarter finals of the inaugural League Cup, scoring five times against [...]

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False Dawn Countdown

The five most misleading Premiership opening day results of all time

One day of sunshine does not a summer make

Tottenham/ Liverpool

As Spurs fans jauntily swagger down the street, whistling the Champions League theme tune, and Everton supporters sit hunched in their garages considering their very existence, its worth remembering that the Opening Day is often as misleading as [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Who will win the FA Cup?

Can anyone stop the Manchester Utd quintuple? (Er, apart from Inter Milan, that is)

[Video: Eduardo's incredible side-footed effort against Burnley]

Burnley and Coventry were dismissed from the FA Cup this weekend, meaning this year’s [...]

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Jason Roberts punched a Coventry fan in the face

Someone didn’t take the FA Cup defeat very well

Jason Roberts

On Tuesday night, Blackburn Rovers were dumped out of the FA Cup by Coventry City, the side who also spanked them 4-1 at Ewood Park in the same competition last year. Striker Jason Roberts has landed himself in [...]

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Blowing hot and cold

Now a Newcastle star appears to have “weather problems”

Another top player displays temperature issues

James Milner

We’re barely ten days into the new season and already the weather is playing havoc with the ability of some of the more sensitive stars to perform their duties satisfactorily. Vidic says it’s too rainy. Savage says its too cold. Now [...]

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