Transfer Talk

Robinho to Barca, Ozil to Real, and everyone fancies Jenas

Who’s this bit of hot property?


News filtering in this morning suggests that Craig Bellamy has done the unthinkable and returned to his Cardiff roots. On a totally genuine note, this is a massive loss to the Premier League, and it could also come back and bite Mr Mancini on [...]

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Transfer Talk

Man City money splurge, and bad news for Aaron Lennon

The billionaire’s Crouch

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Those looking to have their minds completely blown would be wise to click here, and take on a spooky internet genie, who seems able to infiltrate your actual thoughts. So long as you’re thinking about a movie character.

And in other important news, [...]

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Mr Gobby

10 Textbook Craig Bellamy Moments

Bellamy – Shy? No. Retiring? Perhaps.

Craig Bellamy 

It would probably be rather unfair to Marmite to draw a comparison with Craig Bellamy – he’s more like football’s Sting, absolutely adored by a few, considered to be at the very height of revolting by many.

And yet, in light of [...]

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News in brief

Inspiring women, Dalglish to step in for Rafa, and more…

“Danielle! Danielle!… can you look inspiring?”

Danielle Lloyd

For those of you not invited, today was not just a typical Wednesday, it was also the day of the SHE Inspiring Women Awards – presumably an awards ceremony celebrating inspiring women. And inspiring they certainly were. Danielle Lloyd, Elen Rives, [...]

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Man Wants Out

Well, it’s official, Craig Bellamy hates Roberto Mancini

“… and then you get this train, going to Seven Sisters…”

Bellamy and Mancini

Not so much football’s Marmite, Craig Bellamy is more like football’s stilton - some think of him as an absolute treat, but most would probably rather not, thanks. He’s just so angry all of the time.

As it happens, The Spoiler [...]

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The fallout from the Battle of Eastlands continues

Tear-up amongst the Prawn Sandwich Brigade


Man City‘s chief agitator and top mentalist, chief executive Garry Cook, is once again in the centre of a media shit-storm after this morning’s revelations the club’s Wednesday night clash with Everton was even more tasty than first thought.

While Moyes [...]

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