Brainy Retorts

Send in your John Terry famous quote suggestions!

JT, grab a crayon! 


Well, this one looks set to drag on and on. Everyone’s forming little gangs – you’ve got Team Bridge with Bellamy, Tevez, most rational human beings. Then Team Terry – made up of WKD drinkers, people who gel their hair forward, and men who [...]

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The Big Question

VOTE: Craig Bellamy – Live wire? Or cretin?

Don’t say it, Craig…

Craig Bellamy

Love him, hate him, feel nothing but a numbness when you think about him, you have to admit that Craig Bellamy brings a certain amount of spice to football.

So far he’s having a great season with the ball at his feet for [...]

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News in brief

Real eye up Vidic, Wenger has a glance at Bellamy

Ronaldo and Vidic – set for reunion?

Ronaldo and Vidic

Having already snaffled Man United’s best attacker, the word on the street (or, more specifically, in today’s newspapers) is that Real Madrid will be spending a large portion of next summer attempting to do a similar dismantling job [...]

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Watch out planet, Craig Bellamy is absolutely livid!

“Craig is getting upset!”

Craig Bellamy

Something about his body language suggests that Craig Bellamy is not to be crossed. You can see it in his eyes. In his taut angry shoulders. In the way he yells furiously whenever anyone dares to look at him.

He’s the kind of man who would frighten [...]

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Business/Pleasure News

Clattenburg blinded by hatred of Bellamy… maybe

“Oh, just go away!”

Craig Bellamy

Somehow – and this really is a miracle, by the way - Mark Clattenburg managed to transform Craig Bellamy into a sympathy figure over the weekend, when he issued a red card for “diving”. Most would agree that the Welshman is many things, but a diver he is [...]

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Bloody Pigs

Mask-up everyone, Craig Bellamy’s got swine flu!

Craig Bellamy – poorly

Craig Bellamy

Like nearly all kinds of flu, this new swine variety doesn’t do discrimination. It’s creeping into schools, offices, and now, according to the Daily Mail, it’s latched onto Craig Bellamy of Man City and smashing people with golf clubs fame.

Vladimir Weiss – [...]

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