Samuel Eto’o to rent Andrew Flintoff’s £2.5m mansion

Freddie to get a “super lodger” in his posh pad

Andrew Flintoff

As Samuel Eto’o inches closer to earning £192,000-a-week after tax at Manchester City, The Mirror are reporting that he has already organised some suitable accommodation for his family in northern England.

Freddie Flintoff owns a [...]

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Wag of the Day

WAG No. 219: Laura Coleman

Would you dump Miss England? A certain England cricketer did

Leicestershire beauty Laura Coleman was crowned Miss England in July this year, the same month that Stuart Broad ended their “secret” ten month relationship. The pair actually met for the first time as children, but the right-arm fast-medium star broke it [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 200: Katja Zickler

One half of Germany’s answer to Paris and Nicole

Much like Juande Ramos and the stench of failure, German WAGs and ‘scoiety ladies’ Katja Zickler and Cora Schumacher have been inseparable of late. Katja (the brunette on the left) is a former ‘Miss Bikini’ and current [...]

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WAG of the day

WAG No. 191: Alyssa Milano

Courtesy of our pals at Polite Applause

If you haven’t been to America, you should go, the place is amazing. Everything’s huge, people speak with hilarious pretend voices, and the national dish is beefburgers and chicken wings. Fantastic. Also big in the US is baseball – it’s their version [...]

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Link Dump

Pussycat Dolls, cricket, football and poignant soul music

Also appearing on a computer near you…

Today’s link dump will be accompanied by the haunting sounds of Esther Phillips singing a song about drugs. Winehouse, we assume you’re listening…

The frightening truth about lovely steroids


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