The Spoiler’s Denmark v Portugal and Holland v Germany picks

Denmark to defy expectations again, Holland and Germany to thrill


Our Greece win tip looked as comical as the defending for the second goal as Czech Republic darted into a 2-0 lead in six minutes on Tuesday, but Poland and Russia claimed that money back by both kindly scoring. Can Group B’s juggernauts launch us into a rarely-trod territory called profit?

Denmark v Portugal

The [...]

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Guardiola’s 13th Clasico to end like most of the first 12

A tough call for viewers: the second half of Wolves v Brum or this...


The Catalan press have hired a sports psychologist to label Cristiano Ronaldo allergic to Barcelona and are crowing about having spent far less than Real Madrid since Pep Guardiola Superman-ed his way into the Camp Nou dugout in 2008.

Yeah, that’s right, they’ve had literally years to brag about that, yet waited until they were [...]

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Transfer stuff

Wilkins back to Chelsea, Adam to Liverpool and more…

Irina Shayk- not coming to Manchester


The Sun revealed today that Cristiano Ronaldo will NOT be joining Manchester City.

Bloody hell – who would’ve thought?

Anyway, here’s some transfer ‘news’ that people think might actually happen which makes it roughly a million times better than transfer ‘news’ about something [...]

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No surprises...

The Spoiler Awards – Hero of the Year

Not even in the shortlist…


What is heroism? The Oxford English dictionary describes it thusly…

1. The qualities or attributes of a hero or heroine: He showed great heroism in battle. 2. Heroic conduct; courageous action: Pat’s returning into the burning building was true heroism.

Now, with The Spoiler’s [...]

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the secret ingredient is crime...

Cristiano Ronaldo puts up a bankrobber in his house

(he didn’t know, mind…)


If it’s possible for a good-looking, impossibly rich, brilliant footballer to have a rubbish week, then Cristiano Ronaldo has definitely just had one.

After getting knocked out of the Champions League by Barcelona and then getting all ranty about it, [...]

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