Transfer news

Clarence to Man City, Cristiano to AC Milan, and more…



Scarlett Johanssen has been spotted out jogging with her boyfriend Sean Penn AND Owen Wilson. Cool.

Anyway, in other less attractive but actually relevant news, there’s plenty of interesting gossip doing the rounds about the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Clarence Seedorf and Nani…

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Terror of tears

Some videos of football people weeping and wailing

He’s in it…


The Spoiler is feeling all emotional this Monday, but as we’re unable to find our copy of The Notebook, we’ve decided to reminisce about players and managers, past and present, who’ve shed salty tears of despair over The Beautiful Game.

Here are five of our favourite [...]

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A list!

Ancelotti reckons Chelsea have Europe’s best strikers. Hmm…

Imagine this but with Anelka as well


There’s something well exciting about a list – and it’s even better if it goes in reverse order. The excitement builds and builds until you can’t take any more and you HAVE to know what the Greatest Shade of Beige Ever is [...]

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