Oh Dear

Sergei Rebrov offers some helpful racist advice to Roman Pavlyuchenko

Fellow Eastern European emigre warns of ‘dark-skinned people’

Sergei Rebrov

Sergio Rebrov, who contributed little except for bad feeling in return for a pay packet at Tottenham, has been kind enough to offer advice to Roman Pavlyuchenko following his arrival in North London. Yet he didn’t dispense useful tips [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 144: Claire Merry

It’s the lady who feels entitled to half of Thierry’s career earnings

Back in 2001, Thierry Henry was filming one of his mildly annoying Renault Clio adverts (“Ey Bobby, what’s ze French for ‘Va Va Voom?’”), when he noticed a model prancing around the set in little more than a man’s [...]

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