Photogenic Couple

Is this the most disturbing picture of a footballer and his WAG ever?

Czech star attempts the ‘naked on cardboard boxes’ look

Kateřina Ujfaluši and Tomáš Ujfaluši

Earlier this month, Atletico Madrid signed experienced defender Tomáš Ujfaluši from Fiorentina. The La Liga side, however, may regret their decision when they see these photos taken of the Czech Republic star [...]

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What the Cech?

The curse of Petr Cech

Is there a higher force at work?


Hoddle was right, some people are cursed. Perhaps not in the same repulsively narrow minded and disturbing fashion he attempted to smudge on the nation’s brains, but somewhere in the same spooky ballpark. After all, look at Petr Cech – he obviously [...]

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In Case You Missed It

Video: The goal Petr Cech won’t want to watch again

Czechs crash out due to keeper’s temporary rubbishness

Petr Cech

Thoroughly dependable shot stopper Petr Cech momentarily experienced a condition known as ‘Paul Robinson-itis’ last night, as he gifted Turkey a victory and a place in the quarter-finals.

The Chelsea keeper was man enough to take [...]

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In case you missed it

Video: Czech Rep/ Portugal and Switzerland/ Turkey highlights

Portugal move on, Switzerland first to be evicted

Switzerland/ Turkey Video Highlights

“What makes a man turn neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?” The words of Futurama ship captain Zapp Brannigan will be no doubt be [...]

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