cyber bullying

Rio Ferdinand gets arsey with Mirror journalist over old stuff

Fair point… 

riowayneashley.jpg There’s nothing like watching two brilliant minds disagreeing on an important matter and debating the intricacies in an intelligent and lucid way – it makes you jealous and inspired at exactly the same time. It’s great.

Occasionally though, it’s just as good to watch two White [...]

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Round 2

Stan Collymore limbers up for another clash with thespoiler

Once more unto the breach…


The above headline may have had you spluttering over your chocolate fingers at breakfast this morning, but that quite frankly, should teach you to buy the Daily Mirror. This site and Stanley Victor Collymore have what could be described as form, [...]

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Erroneous Information

Daily Mirror football journalist caught out by Wikipedia

Collaborative website merks another victim

Ahead of Manchester City’s UEFA Cup tie with Omonia Nicosia, the first port of call for information on the Cypriot club would have been Wikipedia. Curious fans would have been met with the following nugget of information:

“A small but loyal group of fans are lovingly called “The Zany [...]

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Jamie Carragher nearly had Lucas Neill assaulted

Liverpool defender wanted revenge for broken leg

jamie carragher

Jamie Carragher clearly doesn’t understand the art of releasing a football autobiography. Wayne Rooney was 20 when he released his so at 30, Carragher has left it far too late. He should be on his third or fourth instalment [...]

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