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Fancy getting a piercing? Don’t! Arshavin HATES them

Look away, Andrey!


Well, it’s happened. As with so many fine discoveries, eventually something else will come along and blow it out of the water. Remember the revolutionary Sony Walkman? No, you probably don’t. Because you’ve moved on to a Discman. How’s that working out for you, Mr Futuristic Spaceman?

Anyway, the point [...]

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Crime Watch

Darius Vassell mugged after Christmas party

Man City forward relieved of £23k worth of bling

Darius vassell

Darius Vassell may have looked like the belle of the ball in the £15,000 Cartier watch and £8,000 earrings that he wore to Manchester City’s Christmas party on Sunday night, but his grotesque display of wealth left him [...]

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The Blame Game

The Spoiler’s top ten Premier League scapegoats

The men who have shouldered the blame this season


On matchday, Premier League football fans need three things to sustain their interest in the beautiful game: an overpriced ticket for a flimsy plastic seat, a weak pint (to be consumed away from the playing surface, Mr Ashley) [...]

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