The Spoiler Awards – Signing of the Season

Hernandez was heartbroken by our harsh decision to snub him

Javier Hernandez

Some pundits will tell you that Javier Hernandez is not only the signing of the season but of the entire century, however we’re going to try to make a case for somebody else, more so to avoid [...]

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Betting Information

Make money during Darren Bent’s Aston Villa debut

OMG he joined Villa! When did THIS happen?

Darren Bent

So far, the big story from this January’s transfer window has been that of Darren Bent joining Aston Villa. Many years from now, people will no doubt write poetry, songs, or even make movies about it. Alternatively, people won’t [...]

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New Liverpool Man?

Roy Hodgson to have a pop at landing Darren Bent


Darren Bent

With only the shadow of Fernando Torres offering any valid attacking threat, Roy Hodgson has now been linked with a host of decent frontmen to boost his side’s chances of digging themselves out of the doldrums.

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Theo Walcott left at home as Capello trims World Cup squad

Are you really that surprised?


The official announcement on England‘s 23-man World Cup squad is coming later this afternoon, but it seems news of the winners and losers is already finding its way across the internet, with the biggest story being Arsenal’s Theo Walcott will NOT be getting a [...]

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