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Flamini to join elite set of Arsenal-to-Spurs maniacs?

Jermain, meet your potential new team mate…

Flamini and defoe

In a move known in the trade as “The Reverse Sol Campbell”, the word on the street is that Mathieu Flamini might yet find himself back in North London, only this time in the luminous white of Tottenham [...]

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Transfer Talk

Transfer news: Liverpool clear out, plus Bentley… again

“Goodbye Anfield!”


Thank sweet baby Moses that Mother Nature can’t snow on the spirits of hard working sports journalists. Yes, she has managed to bugger up the Carling Cup semi-finals. But can she freeze the transfer market? No sir, she can not.

Hence, while the rest of us huddle [...]

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Transfer Talk

Transfer news: Kenwyne Jones, Bentley, Patrick Vieira…

Jones – set to do a “reverse David Bentley”?

Kenwyne Jones

Whether or not the phrase “hit the ground running” was coined with regard to sports journalists, no one knows. But, by gum, these people work around the clock. Sleep is for losers, they tell themselves. He who dares [...]

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Transfer News

Bentley and Pav won’t go on the cheap, says Redknapp

Pavlyuchenko – showing signs of unhappiness, apparently


It’s never really been in doubt that David Bentley and Roman Pavlyuchenko will be rocketing towards the Spurs exit in January. The former signed his death warrant about a week ago, when he upset Harry by dicking around in a practice match.

And [...]

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Bust Up

Bentley signs Spurs death warrant during practice match

David Bentley – a bit annoying

David Bentley

It’s been quite a few days for football rucks between players and managers, and the latest pair to fall out are David Bentley and Harry Redknapp. Although, thankfully, in this case Redknapp spared his player the naked headbutt treatment.

It does look, however, like [...]

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News in Brief

Man City’s new wingers, Harry’s defence, and more…

The next Robinho?

Angel Di Maria

Chelsea and Man City will both be spending big in the January window – Chelsea to cover themselves in advance of the forthcoming transfer ban, Man City because they have gazillions of pounds burning holes in their beautiful flowing robes.

Player prices [...]

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Deadline Day update

David Bentley leaves the Tottenham training ground

Winger does thing he does every day

Normally, it wouldn’t be particularly newsworthy to report that David Bentley has left the Tottenham training ground – presumably he does that everyday at around this time – but Sky Sports News have just shown the winger leaving the Chigwell HQ.

Seen making a getaway in a [...]

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