Deadline Day Update

David Bentley’s £10m move to Manchester City

Harry Redknapp’s least favourite human being to move on

David Bentley

It doesn’t look like any of the Big Four will be getting involved in the transfer merry-go-round today, which means most of the attention is likely to be focused around Harry Redknapp’s and his propensity to thrash out [...]

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Top Ten

The worst value for money players in the Premiership

The stars who have failed to live up to their transfer fees

Andriy Shevchenko

As the folks who ploughed their cash into the Sega Saturn, Minidiscs and HD-DVDs will testify, sometimes smart investments don’t quite work out. With this in mind, Spoiler correspondent Joe Thompson has compiled a list [...]

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Brekkin' The Law

David Bentley arrested for drink driving

Tottenham star continues to sabotage his career

David Bentley

David Bentley and his delightfully punchable face found themselves in trouble with the law in the early hours of Wednesday morning, as the Tottenham star was charged with drink driving.

After enjoying a concert by Oasis-AC/DC hybrid Jet [...]

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Transfer Rumour

Is David Bentley about to sign for Manchester City?

Our secret squirrel digs up a transfer exclusive

According to trusted a Spoiler source – someone within the higher echelons of the game who has given us very accurate transfer tips in the past – Manchester City’s next purchase is likely to be David Bentley.

The source says there is a “70 per cent chance” [...]

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Eatery Attack news

Which Spurs star was punched in the face in a restaurant?

David Bentley forced to chow down on a knuckle sandwich

David Bentley

Despite having a very punchable face, Tottenham star David Bentley nearly made it 24 years without someone punching him in the face. This all changed over the weekend, however, when someone punched him in the face:

The [...]

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