The Year 2000!

FLASHBACK: First Tottenham team of the Millennium

White Hart Lane, January 2000

David Ginola

With the end of the decade nigh, The Spoiler thought it worth looking back at some of the great teams that saw us into the Millenium. Starting with Tottenham – at home to Man City tonight – here are a few names [...]

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Legal Troubles

Which Premier League legend is facing a two-year prison sentence?

David Ginola could soon find himself behind bars

David Ginola

Despite openly proclaiming that he was a cheat who dived to win penalties, David Ginola was a much-loved cult figure of the Premier League during the 1990s. The skillful Frenchman, however, may soon face time in the slammer, [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Should Eduardo receive a ban for his dive?

Croat-Brazilian has outraged Scotland with his naughty play acting

Eduardo doing a naughty dive

Since the days of watching David Ginola throw himself around the pitch as if he only possessed limited command of his limbs, The Spoiler has held a disgust diving, and those who [...]

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Career Move

Ginola treads the boards

Yes, another footballer/actor


Football has spawned three amazing actors – Pele, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona. And now you can add another name to that list – David Ginola. Having spent the last few years silently staring into a mirror as his hair slowly [...]

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Friday YouTube treat

Video: How to dive and score simultaneously

Who said cheaters never prosper?

The striker in this video goes down with the kind of theatrical flair that David Ginola used to pull off every single week. The well-coiffed Frenchman, however, never [...]

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