How to shorten the shortlist for the shock vacancy at Tottenham

The bookies’ top ten as ever mixes natty names and expensive duds


Judging by the best prices available on each candidate, these are the ten men rated most likely to replace Harry Redknapp at Tottenham. Which ones should be approached? Allow The Spoiler to narrow the field…

David Moyes (7/4) Is Moyesy finally about to become unglued from the Goodison Park dugout? He has earned a big [...]

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Silly ‘Arry, few take on Levy at Tottenham and claim a victory

Resignations rumours refuted, so sack speculation starts instead...


Either Harry Redknapp is playing a very clever game to escape from Spurs, or he is set to learn that while you can get away with manipulating some chairmen in the media, trying such tactics on one as scrupulous as Daniel Levy is disastrous.

Redknapp’s media handling has steered him to where he is right [...]

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Poll – Who should succeed Gerard Houllier at Aston Villa?

Is it time for this popular figure to return to the Premier League?

Rafael Benitez

A fair few Aston Villa fans never took to Gerard Houllier as their manager, and most neutrals weren’t too impressed by his appointment, but undoubtedly what transpired was an awful way for his tenure [...]

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A poll!

Who should be in charge of Chelsea at the start of next season?

He couldn’t, could he?


With Roman Abramovich starting to resemble a Gollum-esq character who will not rest until he has captured his precious Champions League title, it looks as though Carlo Ancelotti is out on his arse to reside with all the other ex-Chelsea bosses in Valinor.

But who [...]

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Transfer stuff

Phil Neville to Tottenham Hotspur, and more…

Katie Price – crazy hair


It’s all over. Katie Price and Alex Reid (or Kalex as literally no-one called them) are no more. It was never going to work though, was it? She was clearly still in love with Pete. Everyone could see it, except [...]

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Watch out Brentford Bottler: Mr Moyes knows who you are

Those eyes don’t miss a thing


In a change from his typically cool and reserved demeanour, Everton boss David Moyes was left fuming last night, after alleging to have caught a Brentford fan lobbing a bottle into the middle of the Toffees’ traveling support.

Meanwhile, his almost full-strength team [...]

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The Big Question

Who should take over when Sir Alex Ferguson retires?

One of these, perhaps?

Moyes and O’Neill 

Gentlemen of a certain age are just so hard to predict, with their lagging memories, their terrible mood swings, and their stories about the olden days that start out very nicely, then end rather racistly. You just don’t know what to expect.


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