The fallout from the Battle of Eastlands continues

Tear-up amongst the Prawn Sandwich Brigade


Man City‘s chief agitator and top mentalist, chief executive Garry Cook, is once again in the centre of a media shit-storm after this morning’s revelations the club’s Wednesday night clash with Everton was even more tasty than first thought.

While Moyes [...]

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Fight alert! Cool guy Mancini finally flips out!

Heeey, chillax guys!

Mancini and Moyes

The big problem that cool people face is that once they’ve made themselves a reputation for being cool, they have to maintain it. Take it from The Spoiler, that’s not a 24/7 job, it’s 25/8.

And unfortunately, history dictates that eventually they [...]

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Swotting Up

Fellaini’s grasp of English sparks upsurge in form

“How you say… nice hair!”


During a season where big name players are having a topsy-turvy time of things, Fellaini – Everton’s midfield maestro with preposterous hair – has been something of a revelation. So much so that the Southern cocktail drinkers who make big decisions about Chelsea FC [...]

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Chatter Box

It’s alright everyone, David Moyes is NOT QUITTING!

Man answers question with a question

David Moyes

Even with the help of Kamil Zayatte, Everton failed to find a way past Hull last night, and are now dangling in that horrible no-mans-land just above the dreaded relegation zone. Things aren’t looking good.

Even so, when faced with an [...]

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Do you like the look of Michel Platini’s AARs?

New six-official system debuted last night

Additional Assistant Referees

Last night’s round of Europa League games saw two unfamiliar blokes cutting rather lonely figures beside each goal. Making its trial debut as part of Michel Platini’s grand plan to cut out diving, ghost goals and general tomfoolery, was [...]

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