Man City XI

Is this Roberto Mancini’s dream Man City XI?

Hmmm, not bad, not bad…

Man City

In one of the more long-winded transfer sagas of recent memory, James Milner has finally made his way to Man City for a preposterous amount of money for a young chap described by some as “a poor man’s Owen Hargreaves”.

Might Mancini’s [...]

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World Cup Fever

World Cup Profile: Spain

Not all of these men will play


Of course, Spain look like the most likely winners of the World Cup this year, but who ARE these strange and intriguing people? Read on to find out…

Form Guide

The favourites to win the tournament, and unsurprisingly. They won [...]

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Transfer Talk

The Real Madrid fans have spoken – they want Fabregas!

Silva and Fab – wonderful dancers

Silva and Fabregas

In wealthy family terms, Real Madrid fans are probably the equivalent of a snotty eight-year-old girl who uses tantrums to ensure that she gets another pony to replace the one from last year, and that the Jonas Brothers must [...]

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Transfer Talk

Real Madrid gear up for another crazy summer!

David Silva – really?

David Silva

Like an absent father attempting to win back his tearful children with toys, cowboy outfits, and Chicken McNuggets, Real Madrid look set to spend another summer throwing ridiculous money around, in a bid to buy back their supporter’s affections.

But who should they get?


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