ringside seats

West Ham’s Gala dinner lived up to the billing…



There’s definitely a joke about West Ham showing more fight on Monday night than they have all season but for the life of us we can’t work out what it is. It wouldn’t be that good anyway.

Anyway, while we mocked the idea of paying £2,500 (between [...]

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Free money

Make LOADS of money by LIVING with David Sullivan

Your new landlord/boss…

sullivan.jpg Being the cultured, sophisticated lot that you are, you’ll probably have already seen this. But just in case you haven’t, here is an excellent way for you to earn an absolute fortune for doing what you probably spend you’re weekend’s doing anyway.

There is one small snag though [...]

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Pot. Kettle. Black

K. Brady 1 Self-awareness 0

Karren Brady (far right)


You know when a friend talks non-stop for 20 minutes about how horrible it is that your other friend monopolises the conversation and talks non-stop for 20 minutes?

You want to scream at them – “DON’T YOU SEE?! CAN’T YOU SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING?!”


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Sale now on!

Miss World, Mr Universe… it’s time to meet Mr West Ham!

Scott Parker, ladies and gentlemen!

Scott Parker

Possibly the most disturbing turn of phrase ever featured on Big Brother came in last year’s series, when one of the now forgotten inmates revealed that she wasn’t a “suck arse”. As conjured images go, it’s about as revolting as they come. [...]

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A Plea

David Sullivan issues statement asking for some heroes, please

Sullivan – writes long emails

Sullivan and Gold 

As a new chairman at a football club, it’s important that you get the fans on your side. Perhaps explain to them that you feel their pain? Make them think that it’s not about the money, the boardroom, the fast [...]

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News in brief

Pay cuts at West Ham, Wayne Bridge update…

Kieron Dyer – the opposite of “a bargain” 

Kieron Dyer

The journalistic landscape is a vast one. Right this second, in snazzy areas of London, hardened tabloid hacks will be posing as bin men in order to rifle through celebrity rubbish. Higher brow scribes will be loitering around Parliament, [...]

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