Some choice extracts from a Steve Bruce novel

Bruce – not just a pretty face

Steve Bruce

Those who like to peruse The Sunday Times with their warm morning croissant might have noticed an intriguing interview with Steve Bruce, in which the Sunderland boss jogged the memory about his brief period as one of the nation’s finest [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 199: Eva Roob

Proof that footballers can successfully crossover into ‘art films’

To fans of German women’s football circa 2001, Eva Roob is known as a talented midfielder for FC Nuremberg. However, as we told you yesterday, the 23-year-old blonde from Cologne struggled to make ends meet: [...]

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Big Phil Scolari as you’ve never seen him before

Chelsea gaffer’s past uncovered in rare snapshot

Luis Felipe Scolari

Can you guess which of these players is Luiz Felipe Scolari? Hint: It’s the guy who looks exactly like Luiz Felipe Scolari does today.

The Chelsea gaffer played for four Brazilian clubs (Caxias, Juventude, Novo Hamburgo and CSA) [...]

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